Friday, August 31, 2012

Shutter Door Cabinet - The Build

Me and the wife were out shopping the other day and we were in one of our 'go to' stores - Ross (wife loves the prices) and sitting back in the furniture section was a cabinet that had shutter type doors. I was looking for something that would look good in the bathroom and thought this was a perfect fit.

They were asking around $50 for this piece - but you know I'm not going to pay for this type of to the shop!

First thing I did was head over to my favorite place - Astoria Vintage Hardware, and found two small shutters and a table leg. I measured and built the entire piece around these shutter doors.

I cut the table leg in half and mounted it on both sides. I had built the frame to match the width and height of the two shutters and also a place for a top shelf.  

I built the sides using 3/4" plywood for strength. The back is 1/4". Attached everything with wood glue and brads.

Built shelves, drawer, and drawer supports.

Here it is with the shutter doors mounted. (The knobs are temporary) 

Except for the knobs, everything is ready to go. Although I'm probably going to change the drawer face to match more in line with the inspiration (seems to me that I was putting these type drawers on everything)

Now I'm off to stain, paint, and sand. Stay tuned for the updates and the finished project!


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  2. That looks awesome. I'd love to have something like that in my kitchen. The sad thing is that I'm sure I wouldn't be able to have the patience to do all of that myself. It'd be so much easier to just hire someone to do it. Thanks for the idea though! I'll have to look into it further.